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What’s UNITAG? It’s a product management & authentication system that can help keep track of what’s going on with your product on-the-fly. Developed by our in-house developers at UNICUBE, it offers an easy to use UI, customizable back end, sales tracking, real-time data as well as inventory management.

To cope with other UNICUBE products, UNICUBE has its in-house developing team to develop the very own UNITAG SYSTEM. The UNITAG SYSTEM is created to assist brands to identify the veracity of the product and prevention of counterfeits.

Not only just avoiding any counterfeiting events, the UNITAG SYSTEM is also able to use as a customizable back-end sales tracking to track your everyday sales performance or use it as an inventory management tool to export real-time data, keeping an eye on the inventory flow. The UNITAG SYSTEM is now entitled to help enhance brand loyalties by allowing businesses to run their very own advertising, blitz, or any marketing related campaign to increase customer retention and create a stronger bond between the brand and the customers. With UNICUBE’s exclusive UNITAG SYSTEM, the business will be able to be more interactive with the customers hence build up firmer brand loyalty.

UNICUBE exclusively provide you with QR code customization to tailor fit your business interests, taking your business to the new level with a touch of digital and modernity.