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UNICUBE’S tamper-proof seal tape combines both. Also known as the VOID tape, a double layered security sealing tape that common seen application on big cartons and large components; a significant residue message will be remained on the applicated surface to indicate any kind of interference.

You can customize the tape with intended colours, width, and the residual message-after-tamper, in order to fit your brand image to your liking. It also comes in a variety of material to be choose from.

UNICUBE presents to you the TAMER PROOF SEAL TAPE. Its wide-ranged usage enables it to apply on lots of everyday items such as over-the-counter drugs, foods, packaging materials, and many more. Exclusively in UNICUBE, we are able to customize the size of the adhesive tape in different variety of sizes and volumes. From unit loads or palletized goods to small packaging tapes for primary packages.

  • Glossy Paper
  • PET
  • Fragile Paper
  • Other Materials available upon request

With our enhanced technology, the tape is intentionally built with a fragile and sensitive component with the implementation of a hidden layer which will only reveal, showing significant visibility after the goods have experienced any man-made removal or invasion once adhered to the product surface; provide an extra guardian to your precious goods. The synthetic substances of the tape is customizable upon request.