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The destructive label is a onetime used label. It’s made from low destructive material that when peeled will break apart like a hardened eggshell. Being one of the cheapest within UNICUBE labels’ line ups; it might be cheap in the price, but definitely not in the quality. it’s a great choice for mass-produced products like small electronics & gadgets; fully customizable like every UNICUBE product to best fit your business interest.

The “One-Time-Use Labels”. UNICUBE’S DESTRUCTIVE LABEL is readily apparent and easily identifiable when someone attempts to remove the label. How does it protect your product? There’s where the magic happens. It is totally impossible to remove the label without tearing it into tiny pieces making the occurrence of destruction visible and apparent.

UNICUBE’S DESTRUCTIVE LABEL is a perfect alternative for eradicating counterfeits or even duplicity of products as it gives zero chances of swapping labels for those counterfeits pretending their veracity.

As UNICUBE offers customization services, you are enabled to customize your very own label to fit your variegated business requirements. From size and shapes to colors and dimensions, everything is customizable in UNICUBE.

Low Destructive Label