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UNISAFE is the UNICUBE’s by far the best solution that offers a safer method of packaging your products, by imprinting our label directly onto the packaging reduces the chances of it being peeled off or coming off due to adhesive failure. It comes with all the features offered by the hologram labels and more with its added safety.

Containing variable security data such as: serial number, QR code and also hidden security features, it empowered the product’s security as every data on the product is one-of-a-kind and unique; in other saying, it provides the product traceability, every parallel trades will be guarded and under surveillance in order to trace back to avoid any counterfeiting or occurrence of price dumping events. Customize your very own security packaging that comes with every security feature that serve to protect your brand.

Getting tired of adhering labels and tapes on your products? Fear not. UNICUBE presents to you the most advanced UNISAFE SECURITY PACKAGING. By imprinting the security layer onto the package, it resists the packaging from being tampered with and protect your products from being counterfeited.

As the package is implemented with a traceable serial number, it reduces the chances of the genuine product being replaced by the counterfeit at the same provide a perfect marketing solution to those businesses that wishes to ensure both security and marketing. With the same features as the UNICUBE HOLOGRAM LABEL, UNISAFE SECURITY PACKAGING can do it better by doubling the security on the foundation of the same features.