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UNICUBE offers hologram labels for your documents and products. Implementing laser rainbow hologram plate making technology as well as molding replication technology. We are able to produce a robust security label while also being fully customizable for your brand.

Using our latest technology, your adhesive label will no longer just serve only your security purpose. With the enhanced rainbow hologram plate technology, your product will be present with a visually enhanced 3D image landing perceived value on it immediately, makes you stand out among your competitors.

HOLOGRAM PRINTING LABEL is widely used for security purposes, including office documentations, membership name cards, gift vouchers, and other products.

  • PET
  • One time use material
  • Permanent
  • Silver & Gold
  • Other colors available upon request
  • Color Printing
  • UV Printing
  • Numbering Barcode
  • QR Code Printing
  • Dual Channel, Laser Encryption
  • Micro-Text, Cat’s eye Pearl
  • Rolling Words, Floarting Phototech
  • Perspective Dark Code
  • Other effects available upon request
  • Cosmetic products and Pharmaceuticals
  • Certificate and Bills Security
  • Digital Appliances
  • Other industries

With UNICUBE, we are obligated not just only to help fight counterfeits, we strive to help businesses to grow and achieve sustainability.