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Here at UNICUBE, we hold our clients’ security to the highest regards. Our company excels at crafting custom security solutions ranging from Hologram labels, Security Seal Tape, Tamper Proof Label, Document security include: (Security Voucher, Tickets, Certificates etc,) UNITAG System to Mobile App & Platform Developments.


We envision ourselves to be on the global market in the very near future. As our business has been on an upward trajectory due to the high demands and an increase in counterfeit products in the past decade. We hope to expand our expertise in product security into the South East Asia Market especially to brands that are in need. To contribute ourselves globally into the fight against forgery.


Our team back in the office at UNICUBE has been hard at work to push the envelope of what is possible. Our goal is to prevent your products from being illegally forged by any third parties. Why let your brand popularity get in the way of your business? Take a backseat and let UNICUBE watch your back against any potential of counterfeits.



We respect everyone that includes our clients. Respect sets itself as a basis of trust and communication, which are crucial in a business partnership.


We dedicate our valuable time to our work. As we each understand the importance of our work and heavily value our customers.


We value our quality strongly as any flaws would jeopardize our clients. We made sure to go through all the checks necessary before anything could happen.


We are not a team because we work together.
We are a team because we shared the same ideals

Driven by our unrelenting passion of purging all of the forgeries within the market, especially since we have experienced it first-hand what it was like to have purchased illegally forged items to have it fail on us before knowing it.

The team behind UNICUBE wants to open a simpler path for brands to fight against forgery. A complicated system is too inefficient against a large number of counterfeits on the market. That’s why we have taken the extra length to develop a simple yet affordable product for brands of different sizes to join us in this fight, as we know it we are all in this together.

Our team is able to resonate and sympathize with the hardship within various industries due to common past experiences with forged products floating around the market. Knowing well it will be tough to stand on our own two feet against them. We have spent the past 10 years since the beginning of our company honing our crafts to counter against the relentless assault of forged products.

Today, we produce products ranging from hologram labels to QR identification systems to aid you in the battle for product security & customers’ trust. The UNICUBE of our time is the brainchild of what was a persistent effort to achieve the ideal of providing a modernized and innovative way to protect and promote your products.

UNICUBE currently offers to consult your business regarding any related issue to product privacy. As we have a deep & talented team of personnel that understands the ins & outs of your businesses to provide you with an in-depth analysis of what needs to be done to achieve your product’s security.