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Commonly known as VOID Label, is a double-layered security label that provides an additional layer of safety for products that might have been tampered with. The small but strong label is mostly used to seal off small or insignificant components for example packaging cover, documents, small boxes and etc.

UNICUBE not just only allow customization on the label’s design whether in any size and shapes, with the options of residue or non-residue labels. The residual message is also customizable to serve your business needs.

Also commonly known as the “VOID” label. The label covers a wider range of products, like UNICUBE’S TAMPER PROOF SEAL TAPE, it is applicable on every product that you can see every day. The double-layered security design has provided an additional layer of security for your product. After being applied on the product surface, it leaves a message indicates that the product has tampered with whenever someone attempts to remove the sealing.

It is the ideal solution for those businesses that wish to use packaging to prevent any theft or tampering scenarios before it reaches its receivers. Like all of our products, you can fully customize the size and create your own message that best fits your business.

Tamper Evident (Residue)
Tamper Evident (Non-Residue)