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In a fast-paced world today, nearly anything can be counterfeited. Whether it’s designer bags, shoes, food or even money, counterfeiting is one of the most difficult issues that we are facing. And in fact, it is one of that many world’s biggest food producers are working to overcome. Even though the historical origins of counterfeit packaging may be unclear, it’s easy to see pains they create in modern markets.

Preventing the counterfeiting of sensitive and vulnerable products is a big business globally and one in which packaging plays a crucial role on the front lines in thwarting crime that causes economic damage and risks the health. With the help of technology, anti-counterfeit packaging is designed to be very difficult to replicate, and this could help consumers make better buying decisions and perhaps even protect their health.

But how packaging and labeling make a difference in anti-counterfeiting?

According to research, approximately 62% of medicines bought online are illegal and it is growing tremendously, which means brands need to think fast to tackle the issue. For example, the products for distribution, storage, preservation, transportation, information, and sales. Pharmaceutical brands are most vulnerable because some products sidetracked from their proper distribution channel, or sold past their expiry date, or by modification of the package are associated with the problem of counterfeiting.

Cracking down on counterfeit products is a primary concern for brands around the world. Many consumers buy counterfeit products deliberately so that they can pay lower prices so it’s often only really you and your brand that suffers. However, techniques like anti-counterfeit barcode labels can be an effective way to protect your products.

Labels and packaging are the first defence against counterfeit products. Using cost-effective tools such as tamper-evident labels and custom holograms can stop counterfeiters in their tracks and deter them from targeting any products. This technology is out there to help manufacturers tackle these challenges posed by counterfeiters.