Mobile App

Let our experienced team help you make the perfect custom mobile app for your business.

We create apps that meet your needs for a rich mobile experience using our UNICUBE framework.

  • Our highly experienced team collaborating with you to create your app
  • A faster completion time than doing it with your own team
  • Our experience ensures best practices and avoids common mistakes
  • Get custom features only available with UNICUBE
  • Get 1 on 1 consulting on the best plan to build your app
  • Custom API linkage with your current back-end systems.
Platform Development

Create your own customised back-end platform for entrepreneurial success with UNICUBE

Our development team are experts are not only providing you with the integral components to create a fast and efficient back end system, they also understand the high powered needs of a modern day enterprise, therefore integration and configuration are our working foundation.

  • Integrate existing systems and information seamlessly
  • Develop highly integrated systems with minimal dependency on coding
  • Suite of products that fits right into where it needs to be
  • Instant information access with integration to existing data sets
  • Faster decision with remote availability of enterprise information
  • Increased productivity with rich user experience and engagement